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Welcome to Livejournal's first community about bilingual songstress Angela Aki! By signing up here, you'll be able to read about the latest news on Angela, discuss about Angela and generally have a fun time (woo).

Angela Aki was born in Shikoku, Japan. She is most known for singing the thtme song for Final Fantasy XII, Kiss Me Good-Bye, and the BLOOD+ third ending theme song, This Love. When Angela was 15, she moved away from Shikoku and moved to Honolulu, Hawaii. Angela's first music release was the US indies album, These Words (which is still unable to be found on the internet). She later debuted in Japan in early 2005 with the mini-album entitled 'One', and later on was signed onto the major label Sony Japan. Her music is piano-based, and her voice is amazing.

Currently, you can buy four of her songs on US iTunes due to a deal with US-based Tofu Records! Please support Angela by downloading her 'Kiss Me Good-Bye EP' from iTunes today!

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